Why Freezone Company?

Free Zones in UAE offer entrepreneurs who are willing to have their own company this opportunity without the need for a local sponsor, this type of company formation is designed to encourage foreign investment with the easiest start-up processes as well as lower overhead cost.

We offer the flexibility to provide our clients with the exact package that suits their needs, as there are various Free zones all over UAE, we assist you to get the license from the best free zone as per your business requirements from the early first step till the last, we take care of everything so that you can focus on your business plan.


License Options

Commercial License

for carrying out specified commercial activities

General Trading License

for carrying out unrestricted commercial activities

Professional License

for carrying out specified professional activities

Event Management License

For the organisation of business & leisure events

All you Need To Setup Free Zone Company in the UAE

As the name depicts the meaning, free zones are the free trade zones or areas where the foreign investors set up their businesses effortlessly at flank speed. This concept has played a very important role to make Dubai as the business hub internationally.

The company formation in Dubai free zones comes up with ‘N’ number of benefits including easy setup, tax regime, complete support and assistance, lucrative incentives, trading at custom rates, 100% ownership, and a lot more. Every coin has two sides. Just like that there are certain limitations for free zone companies in Dubai.

Let’s dive deep into various aspects of free zones in Dubai UAE

Before diving into the process of starting a free zone business in Dubai UAE, let’s see how many types of companies you can set up in Dubai free zon

Basically, one can start two types of free zone companies either free zone establishment (FZE) and another is free zone company (FZCO). In general, companies under the free zones are limited liability companies (LLC). There is a minor difference between FZE and FZCO which is as under:

1- Free Zone Establishment (FZE):
Company registered with one individual or corporate shareholder.

2- Free Zone Company (FZCO):
Company registered with two or more shareholders which can be either individuals or companies

3 -Branch Office:
This type of companies can be established according to different rules and regulations of various free zones.

if someone is aiming on setting up a business in Dubai free zone, the most important thing to be known are the varied areas into which it has been divided. Business set up can be done in three ways in UAE viz free zones, non-free zones and over-seas. Again the free zones are divided into specific areas that have different rules and regulations. Thus, an individual have to cross check about the different protocols to know how to start business in Dubai free zone.

Before knowing about how to start business in Dubai free zone, it is very important & advisable to set the proper business requirements. It has to be properly planned that what will be the business all about and which type of market it will be focusing upon. Based on such requirements and planning then subsequently the location for the company has to be set as different free zones have different rules. Now when all the planning has been clearly done, it is time to know about the formation of business in Dubai free zone.

Some of the simple methods that can be included in how in establishing a business firm in Dubai free zone are as follows :

  • The first step is to opt for a business license depending upon the type of business This can be done individually or by taking the help of our experts.
  • There will be certain requests for information that has to be provided along with proper documentation

After the approval has been granted, the individual gets the license in a few days.

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